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Through collective action we can create a sustainable future

We are forging a path towards a sustainable future and invite you to join us and take action. Our collective actions – as individuals, businesses, schools, clubs, religious institutions, town offices – are necessary to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce air pollution, reduce waste, restore ecosystems, and create a more inclusive and equitable society.

Free Home Energy Audit

Home Energy Solutions is providing consumers with FREE home energy audits through March 31, 2021. Even if you are switching to solar, it’s worth getting the energy audit for the on-the-spot services worth up to $1k. Please note that due to this program’s popularity, appointment lead times are between four and five weeks. Don’t delay! Visit to learn about the program and find a local contractor.

Energy Audit DayLearn about Westporter Jenine Suchanec’s postive experience getting an energy audit via the HES program during the pandemic on our blog.

No matter how you heat your home, or whether you’re buying a home or updating where you live now, HES can show you how a smart energy home makes life better. Energy professionals will make improvements that lower your energy bills for immediate and long term-savings.

NEW PRICING: You may also receive up to 100% off approved insulation projects recommended during your visit. 

A smart energy home is about more than just “energy.” It’s comfort. Convenience. The health of your family. And, how your home works efficiently and more economically. A home you value more.

During your Home Energy Solutions kitchen table wrap-up, the HES-technician will provide you with rebate information based on their recommendations for your home. Rebates may include the following:

    • Limited time offer for up to 100% off approved insulation projects recommended during your visit.
    • Up to $200 for qualifying central air conditioning systems
    • Up to $50 for replacement of certain inefficient appliances with qualifying energy-efficient models
    • Up to $650 for replacement of inefficient gas furnaces with qualifying gas furnaces
    • Up to $750 for replacement of inefficient gas boilers with qualifying gas boilers
    • Air Source Heat Pumps:
      • up to $7,500 per home for qualifying Air Source Heat Pumps for existing* Oil, Propane, or Electric heated homes (ONLY with a Home Energy Solutions visit)
      • up to $2,500 per home for qualifying Air Source Heat Pumps for existing homes heated with other fuels
    • Ground Source Heat Pumps:
      • up to $7,500 per home for qualifying Ground Source Heat Pumps for existing* Oil or Propane heated homes (ONLY with a Home Energy Solutions visit)
      • up to $3,750 per home for qualifying Ground Source Heat Pumps for existing homes heated with other fuels.

Please contact us at if you need any help, guidance or additional resources. We’re here to help.

Zero Food Waste Challenge - Compost Your Food Scraps

zero food waste challenge

Join our Zero Food Waste Challenge!

In October 2020 Westporters diverted 8 tons of food waste from disposal. Click here to learn more and get empowered to take up the Zero Food Waste Challenge. Join our 183 residents already collecting food scraps for composting.

Interested in composting at home? Visit our composting page.

Get started today! We supply you with everything you need to make the transition to a zero food waste household.

Zero Food Waste Challenge Residential Starter Kit

Want to get involved? Join the stellar volunteer team leading Westport’s Zero Food Waste Challenge.

Westport Food Scrap Recycling Flyer
Food Scrap Recycling Info

Leave Fallen Leaves for Nature to Use

We Leave the Leaves

New for Fall 2020, We Leave the Leaves is a joint Sustainable Westport and Earthplace initiative to inform and empower Westport residents to leave the fallen leaves on their properties to help support and restore local ecosystems.

We Leave the Leaves sign
9×12 metal outdoor sign for display in your yard after taking our #WeLeavetheLeaves pledge and donating $15 or more to Sustainable Westport.

Caring for our land sustainably throughout the year is vital to conserving and restoring ecosystems upon which all life depends.

Please leave the leaves that fall in your yard on your property so nature can use them as habitat, in the carbon cycle and for building healthy, resilient soil.

      • Rake; don’t blow. If you have to move leaves around your property, please use a rake or electric-powered blowers. Gas-powered blowers produce air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and excessive noise. (Link to Quiet Communities/town ordinance)
      • Leave a thin layer of leaves on your lawn. Rake or blow excess leaves around trees and garden beds using zero emissions electric equipment.
      • Leave fallen leaves in garden beds. When spring comes and temperatures are above 50 degrees for a week, gently remove leaves covering tender young perennial growth. Removing the leaves too early will interrupt the life cycle of insects in diapause.
      • Leave fallen leaves under trees. Caterpillars fall from overhead trees and pupate in the leaves or burrow underground, then emerge next spring as moths and butterflies.
      • Mulch garden beds with whole leaves. Leaves help suppress weeds, retain soil moisture and build healthy soil. Leaves left as mulch will decompose and feed the soil food web.
      • Avoid chopping up leaves. You never know what caterpillar might be pupating in there!

Take the Pledge Today! (Online pledge and donation coming shortly)

By making a pledge and donation of $15 or more in support of our #WeLeavetheLeaves initiative, you will receive a sturdy, outdoor metal yard sign to showcase your sustainable practices to the community and inspire conversation and like behavior.

The 9 x 12 sign can be mounted to a post or fence with screws; holes are pre-drilled.

Get Your #WeLeaveTheLeaves Yard Sign at Earthplace

You may also pay by cash or check in person when you visit Earthplace to pick up a sign.

You may pick up your #WeLeaveTheLeaves yard sign at Earthplace, 10 Woodside Lane, Westport, Monday through Friday from 12 noon until 4:00 pm. Call ahead to (203) 557-4400 when inclement weather or holidays may impact schedules.

Looking for more in-depth advice? The article below is from our friends at the Pollinator Pathway:

Fall (Un)gardening Tip: Leave the Leaves!

To protect over-wintering pollinators and your plants, skip the fall clean-up this year. A rich source of organic matter, leaves are garden gold. So this year, take a break, forget the rake.

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