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Westport Transportation | Key Topics for 2020

The summary below has been prepared by Jennifer Johnson. Johnson, along with Gene Cederbaum served as co-Directors of the Westport Transit District from April

Click here for a summary of Westport Transportation RTM Key Topics.

What is Westport’s vision for transportation mobility over the next 10 years? Despite upwards of $1 million spent on various planning and transportation-related studies over the past 6 years, Westport still lacks a clear transportation vision for where the Town is heading. Without a plan or vision, year-to-year Town transportation-related funding decisions are made in a vacuum*.

Transportation Planning

The RTM Transit Committee should work to support the Town in creating a clear long range transportation plan. In addition, the Committee should participate in targeting short, medium and long-range priorities that can then be incorporated in to the Town’s annual budgets, long range capital plans, and grant requests.

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