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Zero Food Waste Challenge Webinars

Zero Food Waste Challenge Webinars

Tips to Reduce Your Food Waste to ZERO

Our four-part video series helps you reduce food waste, saves you and our town money and resources, and helps make our community more sustainable.

Cook More with Less

Learn what changes you can make in planning and preparing meals and preserving food, so you can eat more with less, and decrease your food waste footprint. Bridgeport-based Chef Raquel, a cooking educator and caterer, is passionate about healthful eating. She will guide us through practical and actionable food tips and tricks during this webinar.

Contact Chef Raquel for more information.


Food Scrap Recycling | Westport Transfer Station

Effective July 6, 2020 you can drop your food waste at the Westport Transfer Station.

Learn More: Here

How to Compost at Home






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