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The Westport Green Building Award for Achievement in Sustainable Design and Construction recognizes projects that make, or have made significant contributions to sustainability and Westport’s future as a Net Zero* Community. This award acknowledges noteworthy accomplishments that add benefit to the Town and its residents.

Net Zero by 2050 resolution, passed by Westport RTM in September 2017
Be it resolved that the Town of Westport shall commit to using its best efforts to continue to support climate action to meet the Paris Agreement and become a Net Zero community by the year 2050, where the community has reduced its impacts across energy, water and waste so that they are sustainably managed, using approaches that are economically viable, of social benefit, and environmentally responsible.


All Westport properties are eligible to receive this Award. Nominations must be related to advancement of the Town of Westport goals and policies.


Applicants will be considered on a rolling basis, and awarded throughout the year. All applicants are invited to attend an annual award reception and open house at Earthplace, the Nature Discovery Center.


Applicants must bring Westport closer to achieving Net Zero by 2050 and meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Exemplary site, project or program, or policy resulting in rehabilitation and/or active use of an existing building
  • Energy efficiency / conservation in either residential or commercial properties
  • Innovative and/or efficient method(s) of conservation of natural resources, including water
  • Environmental stewardship and/or innovation in the use of new technologies.
  • Significant contribution to sustainability
  • Innovative and/or efficient method(s) of managing waste and/or recycling
  • Or any other criteria that the Sustainable Westport Advisory Team deems promotes the Net Zero by 2050 goal

Application requirements

All application materials must include the following:

  • Application form: (attached)
  • Identification of application criteria met, and how
  • A description of no more than 500 words about the site project, program, or policy being submitted, including: An explanation of the significance of the program, policy or project towards the Net zero by 2050 goal. Consider including resources used, explanation of challenges, and methods of resolution, strategies or approaches undertaken; the impact of completion.
  • Any other information to support the application

Application may also include:

  1. No more than 7 supporting documents (such as brochures, news/Internet articles, or similar explanatory information, preferably attached in one PDF).
  2. Up to three letters of recommendation submitted with application
  3. A listing of any awards already received, if any
  4. Quantitative sustainability improvements/measurements ( PV, improvement on R rating, HERS ratings, etc.)
  5. Photos are strongly encouraged

If other agencies, organizations, builders, contractors made significant contributions to the success of a site, project, program, or policy, provide the following:

  1. Contact person, name and title
  2. Agency/organization address
  3. Telephone
  4. E-mail address
  5. Description of their contributions

Applications may be submitted to the Sustainable Westport Advisory Team for consideration at any time during the year. All application materials should be submitted together in a single package. All nomination material will be retained by the Sustainable Westport Advisory Team, and the project owner shall agree to allow material to be used in various public media.

Contact Information:

Questions regarding the application process may be directed to:
Steve Smith, Westport Building Official

Please submit completed application as a single PDF file via email to:
(subject) Westport Green Building Award

After review for fulfillment of criteria the application will be sent to the Sustainable Westport Advisory Team for a hearing in a public meeting. The applicant will be advised of the hearing date.

All applicants will be notified of the final decision by email.

Download Application PDF

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