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Green Building Award: 23 Oak Ridge Park

Westport, Connecticut
October 10, 2018

The Town’s Green Task Force has announced that the recipient of its second Residential Green Building Award is 23 Oak Ridge Park. The Project Team for this home is: Steven Sun and Kelly Shue-owners, SellarsLathrop-Architect, and Signature Home Remodeling, Bill Towle-Contractor

This house, built in the mid-1950s, and renovated in the 1980s, was again fully renovated in 2015/16. It was stripped down to the walls to significantly increase the amount of insulation. By renovating an existing structure, instead of building a new home, a significant amount of waste was diverted from the landfill. New windows are primarily triple glazed and doors double glazed, including the floor to ceiling doors/windows which look out onto the garden and Saugatuck River. In addition, the owners installed air sourced heat pumps which run on electricity and 9.2 Kw solar photovoltaic system on the roof to offset the electricity demands by about 50%. The owners, Australians who are accustomed to water shortages, installed a cistern to collect water from the roof and water the garden. No gardening water is taken from Westport’s aquifer.

With a HERS rating of 23, this home is 77% more energy efficient than a new home built to 2006 building codes and at least 100% more efficient* than the typical resale home. It has been renovated with energy efficiency in mind, resulting in a home that is environmentally friendly, enjoys a high comfort level and benefits from lower energy costs.

This residential building is the third recipient of the Green Building Award and the second residential building to be awarded this honor. Great value is placed upon home energy efficiency measures, as Westport homes consume over 50% of all energy used in town.

Westport First Selectman Jim Marpe stated, “Reaching Net Zero by 2050 is only going to be possible through the combined efforts of the town, local businesses, and our residents. I’m so pleased to see both businesses and residents valuing sustainable construction and renovation that embraces energy efficiency and renewable energy.”

Chair of the Westport Green Task Force David Mann, said “In a town where the tear down of the day has been a staple news item, it is rewarding to see sustainable redevelopment. The project team is to be commended for setting an example of how to responsibly handle the rejuvenation of our existing building stock for the current real estate market and life in the 21st century. Projects such as this one are key to a sustainable future for Westport.”

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