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FREE Home Energy Audits Through March 31, 2021

Sustainable Westport encourages everyone to schedule a free home energy audit to reduce energy use, save money, create a healthier home, live more comfortably and lower your carbon footprint.

  • Reduce your energy bills up to 40%
  • Eliminate drafts, moisture, mold and contaminated air, which cause allergies, asthma and other illnesses
  • Increase the value of your home—the National Assoc. of Appraisers says that for every $1 in energy saved annually the home value increases $20
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and fight climate change while helping to increase our security and energy independence

Visit EnergizeCT to learn more about the HES program and receive a list of certified contractors.

Are you considering new windows, additional insulation or installing a heat pump?

At the conclusion of your home energy audit, your contractor will give you a booklet and review state and federal incentives with you. You qualify for these incentives once you have had the energy audit.

Thinking of switching to solar ?

Federal incentives for solar (Investment Tax Credit) for 2020 (26% of the project cost) have been extended through the end of 2022. Learn more about solar programs and state incentives on the Connecticut Green Bank website.

Unsure about getting a home energy audit? Read about Westporter Jenine Suchenac’s Home Energy Audit Day on our blog.

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